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Feb 7, 2019 - 1 minute read - Comments - Pentesting

Quick Update

Just wanted to let you guys know that , while I have been very busy with schoolwork and work over the past several weeks, I am still finding time to have some fun.

I have not had time to continue working on Bandit, nor have I felt like complete another challenge from r/dailyprogrammer, as we have a major deadline at work and my graduate school research has been keeping me very busy: one project involved pwning two webservers exploiting two different vulnerabilities at first and then eventually gaining root privileges. But, over the last few days, I have attempted PicoCTF 2018 and completed more than half of its challenges so far!

Current score.

I am currently on “blaise’s cipher”, as I can only dedicate an hour or two every night, but I have a score of 4760 which isn’t too shabby. I will make a write-up of how I solved these challenges once work and school get less hectic. Thank you for reading! I hope to have time for a more meaningful post soon.

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